Review: Angels Of The Fallen: Samyaza, It’s Time, Live On The Dark Side, The Watchers

Angels Of The Fallen: Samyaza, It's Time, Live On The Dark Side, The Watchers
Angels Of The Fallen: Samyaza, It’s Time, Live On The Dark Side, The Watchers by P.T. Macias
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Angels of the Fallen: Samyaza is a wonderfully rich and decadently indulgent storyline that will pull at your heart strings and delight your mind. You will find yourself wisked away to a world on the brink of chaos and the few who can stand against it. This is most of all a story of courage, love, and hope. It will brightened your heart even with its dark edges while It challenges and dares you to be more then you thought possible.

Samyaza is oblivious to the world of humans while he is occupied with his eternal punishment for his choices made long ago. He doesn’t see past the pain and the monotonous repetition. He doesn’t hear the heart of the one that calls to him in silence and patience. Crystal enjoys her simple life, but she wants just a little bit more. Her impetuous wish on a start is about to turn her entire world on its head. The most important part is that she won’t want to stop it once it starts. She would enjoy anything to be able to hold onto the one that seems to be promised for her. Can she find the one she quietly wants before a dark force takes everything from her?

I truly love and enjoyed Crystal and Samyaza. They were so much more than I ever expected, and I can’t wait to read more about this wildly interesting plot that is just starting to simmer and boil! All of characters played such an important role, and I hated to see them go. I look forward to what the next part of this wicked plot brings to life.

P.T. Macias is an author who writes with her whole heart and pours out a part of herself within these pages. She has an incredible imagination, and I can’t see what she comes up with next! This is a fantastic new series that has me completely hooked.

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