Review: Angels Of The Fallen: Ramiel: It’s Time, Live On The Dark Side

Angels Of The Fallen: Ramiel: It's Time, Live On The Dark Side
Angels Of The Fallen: Ramiel: It’s Time, Live On The Dark Side by P.T. Macias
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Angels of the Fallen: Ramiel is another great addition to this wonderful collection of fallen angels that are a huge part of this wonderful journey. I love when a character is completely fleshed out and thoroughly explored. It enriches the story exponentially and makes it that much more enjoyable. Ramiel is another treasure to savor and cherish.

Ramiel is an intriguing angel that has a huge task placed before him. He is being given a gift to not only regain the company of his friends but also the presence of a truly special lady. When Ramiel stumbles upon and saves a pixie, he finds more than he ever expected. His biggest desire and wish is brought to life with this particular pixie. He will brighten her world as much she brings his to life. Above all, he knows he needs to keep her safe and protected, so he sets out to do just that with the help of the other fallen. Can he keep her close enough to remain free of the evil that longs to get its claws into her, or will Ramiel have a job that is much bigger than even he can accomplish?

I really enjoyed getting to know Ramiel and his pixie. They make a very good match and definitely keep things interesting between them. To find out how the Dark Prince’s plan includes the pixie is absolutely dreadful. I hope that the Fallen can keep the beautiful pixie’s safe as they slowly find each of their mates.

I am really enjoying this series. These angles are truly Heavenly and each one is a precious treasure. I can’t wait to learn about each of them!

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