Review: Will Never Fade

Will Never Fade
Will Never Fade by Jenna Sutton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Will Never Fade is an extraordinarily dazzling journey that is littered with the pull and delight of love fulfilled while infused with the never-ending joy of hope received. This is a mind-numbing and world shattering story that will leave you utterly wrecked and completely content. You will snicker, laugh, cry, and swoon all in a matter of a few beautiful hours as you immerse in a world just as real as our own if not moreso. The heart in your chest will swell from the emotions and tension that builds throughout this decadent plot while your mind will be in its own heaven while devouring this brilliantly well thought out journey. Nothing within these pages can be taken for granted because it is full of life, longing, and so much hope.

Phoebe is walking through her life on eggshells consumed with an unlimited number of whatifs flooding her brain. The present and future she is faced with isn’t one she ever dreamed of dealing with, but life say fit to hand her this heavy amendment. Just when she thinks she is starting to get things under control, the one man who could upset everything strolls back into her life turning everything on its head. She fights her feeling so hard, but her heart undermines every good intention. Garrett can’t believe his luck when the only girl he ever loved pops back into his life unexpectedly. Even if she ran as quickly as she could away from him, he is determined to claim her heart and convince her to stay in his life forever. When his battle for her heart fails spectacularly due to unforeseen complications, he rethinks his strategy. Can he find a way to convince her that their love is stronger than the darkness that hounds her every step, or will she take everything from him in her deep desire to save him from a lifetime of regret?

I sit here in stunned silence as I process the absolute beauty and breathtaking talent that has left me in such a state of deep appreciation and utter happiness. This wondrous masterpiece crept into my heart and truly gutted every part of it until there was nothing left. Then, when I thought all hope was lost, it graced me with an all-consuming and brilliant transformational wave of such intense love and hope that I am left struggling to try to put it into words that honor and justify it. There is no doubt that I am left in a major book hangover at this point. Now, I understand those words so much better. What I have just savored is a part of a precious soul that I am so thrilled to know walks this world to give me the encouragement and hope that I desperately need. How can I possibly thank that person while using mere human words?

If you never read another book in your life, this absolutely NEEDS to be the last one you read. It is so much more than just a story about a romance. It is a breath of life, a bright ray of sunshine, and a strong lifeline that you and I both need. This story is pure magic that will touch your soul and make your heart sing. Jenna Sutton is a fantastic artist who will repaint and recolor your world with her simple yet powerful strokes meaningfully placed throughout her incredible works of art.

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