Review: Firestorm

Firestorm by Donna Grant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Firestorm is an incredibly stunning and deliciously decadent romantic fantasy that will curl your toes while it captures your heart. This is a truly fantastic world that is meticulously crafted and wildly rich with wonderful characters and a sumptuously complex storyline. Nothing can deny the wonderfully addictive pull that this adventure will have your mind and your heart. I can’t deny myself a new adventure, but what a fabulous gift when I am presented with one that is completely out of the ordinary and passionately mind-blowing. This is one series that any fantasy and romance lover will undeniably want to discover and savor.

Dr. Faith Reynold has discovered something that his made her rethink everything she thought she knew. What her eyes see and her mind processes has her heart in a wonderful uproar as her soul pulls her closer and closer to it. There is something just out of reach that she absolutely needs to find. Never has anything sucked her in quicker or held her in a wonderfully delightful state of euphoria. Dimitri has one fixed goal in his life, and nothing will deter him from it. When that goal brings Faith into his path, he is thrown off balance, and he fight against it. She makes him feel things he has never felt before, and he isn’t sure if he wants to hate her or keep her by his side forever. One thing he does know is that her life is in danger as long as she stubbornly continues searching for things she has no idea how to comprehend. Will Faith open Dimitri’s heart to something that he can’t even imagine must less understand, or will his duty trump even his awakening heart?

I was literally swept away by this wondrous world full of remarkable creatures of myth and lore. They pulled me deeper into this story than I ever imagined, and I hated to see them go. I was entranced by the diversity and the beauty of each extraordinary character and how they enriched and drove this wonderful journey. While this is the first book in the series that I have read, and I had a lot of holes to fill in, I had little trouble in adapting to te back story and the many subplots going on. The sheer complexity of it all made my mind tingle with pleasure as my heart hummed with joy. What a truly epic adventure that I would absolutely love to read from beginning to end!

Donna Grant is a true genius in her masterful balancing act that never seems to falter. With so many characters and subplots, she made this breathtaking story come to life and flow so effortlessly. I was pleasantly surprise and held in awe of her amazing talent! I look forward to reading more spectacular stories from this master story teller.

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