Review: Valentine Wedding Hound

Valentine Wedding Hound
Valentine Wedding Hound by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Valentine Wedding Hound is an unexpectedly raw and beautifully heartfelt story of learning how to love beyond yourself. It’s not easy to learn how to truly love another person and full integrate them into your life. This foreign concept goes against all personal comfort and desire, and yet it brings deep satisfaction and true joy when accomplished. The benefits outweigh the initial unpleasantness, but only if we really want it. Your heart has to be completely onboard otherwise, it will all fall apart like leaves blowing in the cold and frigid autumn wind.

Jenna Hart has her own plans and designs for her wedding to her fiancé Larry Davison. However, circumstances beyond her control propel them both into the utter chaos and mass hysteria of a reality TV show. Not knowing what to expect, Jenna is hoping for the best but trying to prepare for the worst. She’s confident nothing can shake her rock solid pans. Larry is walking on cloud 9 to realize that he will soon be marrying the love of his life Jenna. He is beyond ecstatic and couldn’t be happier until he hears how their wedding plans on are being hijacked by people bent on dissecting their lives for higher ratings. Can he convince Jenna that he is worthy of her love and devotion even though he is not a talented shining star like her, or will her determination to get the most exposure for her business leave two of them burnt to a crisp under the harsh and uncomplimentary light of public opinion?

While I love Jenna her desire to be in the spotlight occasionally puts her at odds with Larry who avoids it if at all possible. I knew this would be a rough point for both of them since they are coming from different points of view. However, I just fell harder for Larry whenever he gave into those requests out of his incredible love for her. He patiently waited and watched while she plied and preened her burgeoning fashion business. No matter what he would stand by her side even if it did put him in the heat of the spotlight from time to time. It’s so wonderful to watch a love so precious make necessary sacrifices for each other while making a point to not let the other stand alone and helpless on the fringe of indecision and hurt.

This series spotlights each of the Hart siblings, and I have enjoyed watching each of them fight for the love of the person who makes their heart sing and their soul soar with happiness. Rachelle Ayala writes with more passion and emotion then one heart can contain while staying true to her characters at all times. She sees them through the hardest times in their life and watches them emerge smoothly polished and much wiser for their hard yet worthwhile struggles. I am always left utterly speechless and filled with true happiness after each spectacular story. Reading these wonderful stories is a priceless treasure and a true pleasure!

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