Review: Fire of Fryslan

Fire of Fryslan
Fire of Fryslan by Jen Minkman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fire of Fryslan is the stunningly brilliant conclusion of the wonderfully enchanting Tales of Skylge series. I found this last part of the story to be incredibly challenging and deeply heart wrenching. My appreciation towards these fantastic characters has been greatly enriched by their bold heart and courageous love. What an extraordinary way to end this marvelous series that has stirred my heart and enriched my soul.

Dani is struggling to figure out a way to save her friends who were captured while following their hearts. She wants to ensure that her own heart doesn’t break with the loss of Sytse. No matter what it takes she will fight for her future and any happiness and peace and she can claim along the way. Melinda is in shock by recent events and only wants her friend Aska back safe and sound. She knows she will move Heaven and Earth to turn her wrong choice into something good. The road ahead isn’t easy, but these two newly bonded friends will fight for what their heart wants. Can they find a way to save those they love, or will something beyond their control raise the stakes and bring them something that neither of them expected?

I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment that I have spent immersed in this extraordinary journey. This adventure has twisted and shredded my heart while it has shown me the true and unmistakable power of love and hope. Nothing is more intoxicating or more powerful. When we give ourselves over to whatever love brings to us we are sure to discover something even better than we ever imagined. Instead of running from change, we should run towards it. Only then will we ever find true peace and joy.

Jen Minkman has stolen my heart with this marvelous story that has enveloped my entire soul in beautiful possibility and delightful bliss. She knows how to touch the heart no matter what type of characters she has created. There is a deep longing in her soul to reach others and to show them that no matter what there is always light just waiting to sweep in and sooth and revive our ragged and worn soul.

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