Review: Caged: An Alpha Protector Romance

Caged: An Alpha Protector Romance
Caged: An Alpha Protector Romance by Alaska Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Caged is a wonderfully sophisticated and exquisitely breathtaking journey that inexplicably stole my heart and made my pulse pound deliciously. There is nothing I love more than a story that stimulates my mind while setting my heart on fire, and this book had both in spades. I honestly couldn’t get enough of this wonderfully, fascinating storyline mixed with a delightfully, explosive cast of wonderful characters. I hated to see it end, but I savored every word and emotion it pulled from the depths of my heart.

Jenna watches her life helplessly change overnight. Before she knows what’s happening, everything is turned upside down and inside out. What she thinks she knows is no more, and what she sees before her is an unknown future with no guarantees. One huge thing in her favor is that she is no pushover. She knows what she wants, and she will do anything she can to get it. Cage is singularly focused on one goal – finish his last mission no matter and start his new life. He won’t let anything stand in his way. Not even the red headed beauty in his bedroom will distract him from this mission. What they both find is something that neither anticipated and which never fails to surprise them at every turn. Can Fate prove to be wise beyond all human understanding, or will it show just how devious it can be?

I just can’t get over how much I feel in love with this wildly unconventional romance. It still has me twisted up in knots over just how much I enjoyed it. I always felt like I had an open mind about things, but this proves that I might also have an open heart to all types of love no matter how it begins to grow and blossom. No matter what we can’t stop it, so why try to demean it no matter what its beginning is like? If only we could see with our hearts rather than our minds. Just imagine how that would impact the world around us. It would be absolutely phenomenal!

Alaska Jones is a wickedly talented and brilliantly incredible author who can wreck my heart any time she feels the need. I am open to her exceptional heart and way of thinking, and I can’t wait to see what creates next. I am ready for her next masterpiece no matter what it is. Hit me with your best shot!

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