Review: Fake Fiancée

Fake Fiancée
Fake Fiancée by Ilsa Madden-Mills
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fake Fiancé is a truly phenomenal and out of this world incredible story of just how powerful and interconnected our lives really are. This story will unequivocally challenge your mind and continually enflame your heart while it takes you on a wickedly unexpected ride that will never leave you the same again. It’s pure heat and burning hope will leave nothing but the core pieces of who you are left in its flaming wake. Can you endure this refining fire, or will you find yourself a shadow of what you before entering this ring of truth?

Sunny has finally constructed a life she loves, and she will do everything she can to protect it. She has worked hard for what she has accomplished, and she intends to continue on this path until she has everything that her heart desires. Nothing can stop her, and nothing will make her veer from her current path. Max is a rising star in Football, and he intends to see himself thrust into the realms of the greats if he has anything to say about it. His motivation goes far beyond his athletic ability. His heart is way to invested to just walk away when things tough. When Max and Sunny come face to face with something they can’t readily explain or easily push away, will they wreck the other in order to stay focused on what they think is their ultimate life’s goal? Can these two find common ground when Fate brings them together, or will they shred the last pieces of their heart trying to fight what has been already written in the stars?

I honestly couldn’t get over just how amazing both Max and Sunny are! They look at each other as if they are from very different species when in reality they aren’t that different. What they see on the outside if a thick protective shell created to keep their fragile hearts from shattering any further. Unfortunately they can’t fight against what their heart wants more than anything. Watching these two navigate the sometimes painful consequences of their thoughtless or careless decisions made my heart ache. Life is never easy, and yet it seems that we purposely go out of our way to make things harder than they need to be. What would happen if instead we decided to speak with our heart freely and openly? Then again maybe that would destroy us quicker than our current methods of deception and lies.

IIsa Madden-Mills has turned my world on its head with her impossibly brilliant masterpiece that has captured my heart and stolen my breath. I didn’t realize that she would shred my heart while opening my eyes to the deadly games we play in order to protect ourselves. I craved honesty between the characters and ate up the times when they were brutally open and sincere with the other. This story was pure magic wrapped in unadulterated love, and tied up securely with unflinching hope. It was truly life changing and definitely worthy of giving your heart for. I can’t wait to read more from this spectacular author!

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