Review: Lumber Jacked

Lumber Jacked
Lumber Jacked by Chance Carter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I never quite know what I am going to find within one of Chance Carter’s books, and Lumber Jacked proved to be yet another fantastic surprise. What I found was a glorious journey of new discoveries and wonderful experiences just waiting to be claimed and enjoyed. You will always find a way back to your heart within any of this author’s wonderful works of pure love and unadulterated hope. If you ever need reminded of just how spectacular love is, then look no farther than the pages of one of his masterpieces.

Grady has lived a life not always easy but always real. He has been given hope in the midst of the pain, and he has fought for everything good he has gained along the way. He has seen more than his share of bad times while also being gifted with times of love and peace that helped to breathe some much needed life into him. However, nothing prepared him for his latest bout with life. Autumn has seen more hardships then most in her short life, but she still finds herself hopeful for good to come her way. She needs to keep her hope alive because while life has been tough, it is has always been filled with the wonderful love of her mother. When life tosses these two together through some very interesting times, what they find is much more than either ever expected to find. Can they accept what is quietly and honestly being offered to them, or will they walk away convinced that they are not good enough?

I had been hoping for so long that Grady would finally find some true and lasting peace and happiness in his life. He deserved it as much as anyone, but especially after the hellish ordeal that he went through with Destiny’s mom. Then, when I found out about Autumn, I was so hopeful that these two would find each other. Grady would know how to utterly cherish and honestly love Autumn more than anyone, and she would need and crave his never ending well of love and devotion. Their lives have molded and shaped them into the wonderful people that they have become and what better way to celebrate that then to find the one the completes you? These two literally took my breath away with their honesty, their intensity, and their vulnerability. It gives me hope.

If I have one thing to say about Chance Carter, it is that he is unique and beautiful and will prove to you that there is no one else that will ever take his place in your heart. Reading a story is a deeply personal and very intimate experience that is unlike anything else in life. It touches you and molds in a way that nothing else possibly can, and each book you read latches a piece of itself into your very soul. It is something that is timeless and irrevocable. It is at the core of who we are as human beings, and yet it is very unique and defining. Above all, my life has been forever changed by Chance and his brilliant talent, and he will never ever be forgotten for his stories will live forever inside me and through the extension of my soul into the very heart of our universe.

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