Review: Sapphire Falls: Going Hearts Over Heels

Sapphire Falls: Going Hearts Over Heels
Sapphire Falls: Going Hearts Over Heels by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Going Hearts over Heels is a spectacular masterpiece filled with fierce independence tempered with a restless love desperate to break free. No matter how hard this love tries to get beyond the bars of its cage, it is constantly kept behind lock and key. Fear of a broken heart when you know in the depths of your soul that you have found something that only comes around once in a lifetime is enough to shake anyone wide awake and have them running for their life. When you find something so precious and rare that it would wreck you to have it removed before it was even given is beyond worth risking everything for one honest chance.

Ginger has her world shaken up in a New York minute and finds herself taking refuge in the small town of Sapphire Falls. Not trying out country living, she finds more then she every bargained for. While this city girl can take what anyone can dish out, she finds that the one thing she never expected is waiting quietly and not too patiently for her grand arrival. Marsh Wolff has spent years waiting for his time to explore and broaden his life experiences. It only takes one beautifully, brash red head from New York to not only claim and begin healing his broken heart but to also show him how to live again. He doesn’t know if he should view this as a blessing to his drab life or a barrier to his dreams. Will Ginger leave with her tail between her legs, or will she stumble into something she can’t possibly live without in the intriguing town of Sapphire Falls?

I was take completely by surprise at meeting Ginger and Marsh. I knew of Ginger, but I had no idea that she would unabashedly steal Marsh’s heart without evening realizing it. Their connection was like fire meeting water which created more heat and steam making it virtually uncontainable. Marsh was amazing. If you love cowboys, then this is your man. He is a confident man with everything which makes for very interesting interactions with the outspoken Ginger. These two wonderfully spicy characters will steal your heart at every opportunity and never let you get away. This story feels more like a dream than anything else.

I certainly never tire of the beautiful literary masterpieces that are penned by Rachelle Ayala. Her books are a combination of coming home and living out your wildest fantasy at the same time. There are absolutely no down sides to any of her stories! They are brilliant and wistful fantasies come to life, and I revel in each and every one of them. When you find something good and unarguably great, you just need to sit back and watch it turn into something wonderful.

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