Review: Seducing the Virgin

Seducing the Virgin
Seducing the Virgin by J.L. Beck
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am not sure what it is that draws me to stories written by J. L. Beck. Maybe it’s the innate heat, or maybe it’s the all in depth to the heart, or perhaps it’s the mystery of what will take place between two unassuming characters. Whatever it is, I can’t get enough of her incredible writing! It’s so pure, real, and rich that has become an addiction that I don’t ever want to overtime. I long for each of her stories as a sweet salve to my beaten and thirty soul. They are utter perfection wrapped in a gentle sprinkling of imagination and hope.

Raven comes to find herself in an impossible situation. She has nowhere to turn, and so she resigns herself to the path that she has chosen. Nothing will make her back down. Fox is a man that causes other men to quickly move out of his path. He is not to be trifled with for his word is law, and he never shows weakness. When these two collide, their worlds not only explode but implode with reverberating shockwaves. Will either survive this deadly arrangement, or will their fate be worse than anyone could have guessed?

Fox and Raven wound themselves around my heart and absolutely refused to leave me unscathed. They twisted their heart and heat around me until I couldn’t think let along see straight. This is one incredible couple that will leave you with so much wanting and way too many questions floating around. You will find your heart all twisted up and bleeding on the floor before you what happened. You won’t even know what hit you!

J. L Beck is a once in a lifetime author that only gets better and better. She has stolen my heart, and I don’t ever want it back. I want to stay lost in her world of delightfully sinful words that flip my world around and make me see everything in a very different light. I hope to enjoy those wonderful words for as long as I possibly can!

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