Review: Forbidden Dance

Forbidden Dance
Forbidden Dance by Deanna Roy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My heart is singing for joy and all a tizzy from this breathless marvel! I am never prepared for the intensity of emotion and the intoxication of love that permeate each of Deanna’s incredible stories. This one is a particularly wonderful masterpiece as it pulls very deeply at my own heart. I can empathize on various levels with parts of this story, and it made the colors and smells, and sounds that much more vivid. Nothing can stop this story from invading your mind and stealing your heart. Just sit back and enjoy the marvelous ride.

One misstep changed her life forever. One mistake transformed everything. One infraction built the prison she now resides within. The only reprieve and happiness she has left resides within her ballet classes. This time gives her the strange and the courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other. It helps to make her realize that she hasn’t lost everything. Benjamin is a lost and disillusioned soul that comes to live and finds true meaning in one waltz with Livia. He finally realizes what’s spectacularly real, and he will fight for that truth as hard as he can. Will Benjamin try to reclaim his life and reshape his future, or will he find that he has nothing left to fight for?

I didn’t know whether to hide or dare to enter this story with Livia. She is a young woman whose life is more of challenge then mot could be capable of understanding. She blew my mind on so many levels, and then when you added Benjamin into the mix, I ended up walking on cloud 9. These two are truly the definition of forbidden and intoxicating. They are truth and life and hope in its purest form, and they recharged my own heart along the way. Their struggles brought me encouragement, and their victories made my heart soar to the Heavens. This is one wildly unforgettable journey that will make your heart beat faster and make your mind reel with extraordinary possibilities.

Deanna Roy is one of my absolute favorite authors because her stories do so much more than just delight and entertain. They change and mold and transform your heart with each stunning word that is consumed and cherished. There is no limit to her masterful talent, and I can’t sufficiently express my appreciation and honor to be able to savor and enjoy each one of her astonishing works of honest humanity and otherworldly love.

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