Review: Seduced by The Billionaire

Seduced by The Billionaire
Seduced by The Billionaire by J.L. Beck
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beyond all words to sufficiently and accurately gage the emotion straining to burst to life, the love fighting to be let loose from its bonds, and the hope desperate to take hold, Seduced by the Billionaire is so much more than just the normal steamy read. This is life burst onto the pages in a very concentrated dose. This is fate being told to take a hike while two people vehemently struggle to create a life they desperately crave. This is everything transformed into the written word.

Raven is overjoyed at ability to provide her mother with the care she need. She moves on with the hope that she can continue living the life she always wanted. When life throws her one more curve ball, she must find the strength to make the decision that she can no longer ignore. Fox must face the harshness of reality in the blaring light of a new day. He can’t hide from it, but he can choose to move past it. Can Fox fall back into his old life after glimpsing what could have been, or will Raven over-rule that opportunity with single-minded determination?

Raven and Fox enthralled and captivated me with their incredible story! They proved just how unstoppable we are if we live our lives by letting our heart lead us. Our love makes us stronger and not weaker. It remakes our world into one filled with more light and hope then we could ever dream of. It is what wishes are made of and what fuels are fantasies. It is everything that makes this life worth living and experiencing.

J. L. Beck is truly an author that is leaps and bounds higher then most authors you come across. Her writing is truly out of this world as it pushes all boundaries and dares you to contemplate and wish for absolutely anything you could ever want. She understands the intoxicating power of love, and she refuses to water down the pure bliss and wicked intensity of her stories. Above all, she wants to see us reach our full potential and not hold back when it comes to the things that makes a life worth living.

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