Review: Unwritten

Unwritten by Jen Frederick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fun banter, spicy chemistry, and complex relationships will undeniably draw and capture your heart in Unwritten. This is a wildly fantastic story of learning how to find the courage you need to move outside of your comfort zone and into possibilities that seem out of reach and only a part of your fantasies. If any story could so completely stretch you and yet make it feel oh so very good, it would be this story. There is an unusual sense of safety and yet enough daring to wonderfully balance the delicious risks that are just dying to be taken. I dare you to dive into the unknown and prove to yourself that you are still alive and in control as you obliterate anything that stands in the way of your dreams.

Landry lives a small, contained life. Try as she might, she just can’t seem to spread her wings and enjoy what others take for granted, so she works to make the best of what she has been given. Adam enjoys his carefully controlled life that would appear to be utter chaos to some. He leaves nothing to chance, so when the stars aligns and Landry walks into orbit, he is left speechless, unraveled, and wanting so much more. Just when you think you have life under your thumb, is the exact moment that it turns your world upside down in the most unique way. Will a curious, sheltered woman bring a structured, man of the world to his knees, or will they find themselves forcibly pulled in opposite directions while others decide their future for them?

Landry and Adam without a doubt stole my heart, ran off with it, and I could care less if I ever get it back. This is a wonderful example of opposites attracting and that being the glue itself that will either cement them together or allow them to fall apart. When you find a story that cracks open you heart and tears away the jaded scars left by life while allowing you to truly enjoy the simple things in life, you know you have found a priceless treasure. This story is all that and so much more! You are graced with an intriguing plot, high-stakes drama, and incredible characters that will carry you away to the most wonderful heaven while giving you a much needed break from life. What more could you ask for?

Jen Frederick is without a doubt one of the absolute leaders in the romance genre. Her writing is truly inspiring, wholly unique and marvelously entertaining. Her genius is like a brilliantly, warm beacon in a cold, uncaring world that speaks peace, hope, and love to my weary heart. A soft, caring touch is more powerful than cold, hard truth. This is one author that you will not want to go one day without enjoying and savoring all that her incredibly brilliant stories have to offer!

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