Review: Baby Fever Virgin: A Billionaire Second Chance Romance

Baby Fever Virgin: A Billionaire Second Chance Romance
Baby Fever Virgin: A Billionaire Second Chance Romance by Nicole Snow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was completely unprepared for this incredibly magnificent journey that tore my heart to shreds and left me in breathless anticipation of the next fantastic twist. You do not find stories like this one every day. Nothing can prepare you for the heaven and hell concealed within these pages that will haunt and delight you at every chance. Treasure such as this one will transform everything and leave you fighting to identify and fight for the things in life that really matter. What you hold in your hands is an excruciatingly precious masterpiece that will not only change the writing game but change you.

Luke has known nothing but pain and grief in his life, so when he finds a breathtaking beauty full of life and dreams invading his miserable and dreary existence, he is left twistedly confused and yet strangely hopeful. As he begins to get to know her, he finds himself falling down the rabbit hole of misplaced desire and wicked determination. Robbi isn’t sure how to think about much less deal with Luke. Her sheltered life hasn’t prepared for this man who lives his life with more intensity then she knows how to even comprehend. In this dangerous and confusing push and pull that they soon find them entangled within, Robbi must decide if she can trust Luke when secrets are revealed and lives are ruthlessly torn apart.

These spectacular characters literally took my heart by storm. They just walked in, introduced themselves, and then casually walked off with my heart in tow. To say I was dumbfounded would be a huge understatement of the century. Robbi and Luke were beyond my expectations on each and every level possible. Nothing was ever easy for them, and they had to fight relentlessly for every inch of ground they claimed. That is precisely what made them truly unforgettable and incredible in my eyes. Their fierce determination and almost ruthless pursuit of their heart no matter what obstacles stood in their way. What a fabulous rush to experience every moment of their fascinating and heart wrenching journey!

Nicole Snow has always taken my breath away with her marvelously unique and wonderfully touching stories, but this one truly rocked my world to its core. She use every trick up her sleeve and then some to destroy her characters and then slowly transform them into true and magnificent masterpieces that exude joy and brighten every part of their world. Talk about true and utter beauty in a world just as lost and dark as theirs! Snow is a rare and pure genius in the romance genre that deserves to be skyrocketed to the heights of the universe and then even farther. She will shatter your preconceived notions and show you how real stories should look and feel.

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