Review: Save Me

Save Me
Save Me by Tia Louise
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Save Me is a fantastically thrilling, deliciously sinful, and utterly mind-blowing piece of perfection! There is not enough adjectives in the English language to accurately describe just how incredible and spectacular this story truly is! It is like a tall, refreshing glass of water on a horridly scorching summer day or a decadently hot cup of dark chocolate coco on a miserably frigid winter day. It is beyond perfection and approaching the realm of the otherworldly in how it allows you can ingest the unadulterated beauty, the profound love, and the provocative danger that will seep into your very bones and thrill every part of your soul. This is a mere taste of literary mastery that is in a league all its own. Prepare to have your mind and world blown to smithereens and then rebuilt into the stuff of pure dreams and unguarded imagination.

Tia Louise has proved yet again just how wild and deep her incredible talent runs. She is a true marvel that never fails to delight and entertain with each of her fantastic books. I can’t get enough of her outstanding mastery of writing and her increasing depth and breadth of pure and intoxicating imagination. She is one author that will leave a mark so deep and lasting on your heart that you will never forget her beautifully life-changing words.

Whatever you do, do not pass this story by without enjoying every wonderful second of it. You will miss out on a wickedly fun journey that will put a bounce in your step and an extra beat in your heart. Give yourself a treat and immerse yourself into a world of danger and intrigue. You will never regret it.

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