Review: Stiff Drink

Stiff Drink
Stiff Drink by Blair Babylon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a way to lose your heart so utterly and completely to a story! This is such a brilliant story that will touch you on literally every level imaginable. It will penetrate your heart and run numerous stealth missions to win over every piece of it. When you finally walk away from this book, you will see with new eyes, feel with a greater depth, and hope more intensely then you ever imagined. This book highlights and savors the most fragile and precious parts of what makes life truly sweet and fulfilling.

Gen is living her life the best way she knows how. She is fighting day by day to win respect from her peers and superiors, to win stability for her family, and to achieve expectations thrust upon her. She has no delusions about what she can and can’t accomplish, so when Arthur is gruffly thrown at her, she just digs harder and deeper trying to solve yet another problem in her way. Arthur thinks he knows how to handle a woman like Gen, but he quickly finds himself a challenge like no other. As he watches his life change in response to this strange yet intriguing woman, he finds himself at a difficult and painful stalemate. Can Gen prove to those who matter that she is worthy of a place among them, or will Arthur’s case destroy any hopes of fulfilling the only dreams she ever had?

I love walking blind into a Blair Babylon book because only then can I really appreciate all of the emotions, nuances, and life that you will encounter. Each of her amazing characters are completely and deliciously complex to their very core. There is nothing easy about her storylines either. They make you work, suffer, and sweat right along the characters every step of the way. These books become a part of you. Even if you don’t want to acknowledge that fact, it is still so very true.

Blair Babylon has forged a true masterpiece! She has taken a wonderfully wicked storyline, infused it with some fantastically stunning characters, and then molded it with spectacular twists and turns that gives you a truly extraordinary and wonderfully epic adventure. With this incredible powerhouse of an addition to her fun and quirky new series, I am absolutely on pins and needles to see what she creates next! This is one author that NEVER fails to deliver, and when what she delivers is pure bliss wrapped in utter perfection.

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