Review: Playing for the Save

Playing for the Save
Playing for the Save by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just when I didn’t think this series could get any better after Playing Catch, I was proven so very wrong with the amazing addition of Playing for the Save. This is an incredibly fantastic story of the wonderful revelations that love can bestow on even the most battered and bruised of hearts. No one is truly forgotten or left by the wayside to fend life’s cruel twists by themselves when we can always choose to open our lives to the power and possibility of love and hope. We were never meant to walk this life alone. The intention was to have people walk alongside us every step of the way to help us manage every stone and mountain on our journey.

Jaime has found contentment within the confines of her small life. She is able to love and care for her sons while enjoying the little things that life gifts her with. Her youngest son’ has graced her life with many challenges and yet a sense of accomplishment as they deal with and manage his autism. Ryan has enjoyed his cherished and prized his baseball career. He can’t believe where life has led him, and yet a part of him still feels empty and lacking. When Jaime’s small family and Ryan collide on a baseball outing, neither of these precious lives will ever be the same again. When a door closes, we have to learn that doesn’t stop our world from turning, but instead it just send us in a different direction then we initially intended.

Watching Jaime, Ben, Drew, and Ryan navigate this interesting dynamic stole my heart at every turn. Even during their struggles, they still fought for a hope that they didn’t always understand and yet they knew they didn’t want to lose out on. This is a beautiful story fraught with drops of everlasting sunshine, dipped in unmoveable hope, and saturated with unwavering love. I guarantee that this is a story that will live in your heart for a very long time to come as you sort through every implication and message found within these precious pages.

I can’t get over just how diverse and deep Rachelle Ayala’s talent run. She always finds new ways to amazing and capture my attention. I learn something new and wonderful as I read and savor each of her stories. I will never ever take any of her books or lessons or messages for granted.

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