Review: Dirty Thief

Dirty Thief
Dirty Thief by Tia Louise
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Talk about a blisteringly hot, epic masterpiece! This story has so much heart and soul that it literally transports you out of your mind and into your wildest and most sensational dreams. What you have in your hands is a spectacularly, priceless work of art. It is the very definition of love and family that we all intensely crazy and relentlessly look for all of our lives. I can’t sing its praises loud enough or highlight its virtues long enough! This is romantic suspense at its absolute finest!!

If you thought that Zelda and Cal are hot, then you are in for a wonderful treat with Ava and Rowan. They will rock your world and show you why they mean business when they lay a claim on the other. Nothing will stand in the way of their molten passion, their pure love, and their unwavering devotion. Not only do they melt and enflame each other, they bring blissful peace and indescribable completion. They know how to life the other up after a long, grueling day. They are the other’s brilliant light in the darkness and unquenchable joy in the midst of fear and worry. They are truly the definition of the outstanding power couple that can face down any danger and come out shining and proving to everything that their bond and love will last for all time.

Tia Louise knows how to utterly and completely blow my mind. She is unquestionably an author of epic proportions who is a master at writing anything she puts her heart to. There is nothing that she cannot mold and fashion into perfect and complete bliss. She will always be one of my all-time favorite authors, and I never fail to wait in breathless anticipate for her next incredibly, life-changing tour de force.

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