Review: Heart Racer

Heart Racer
Heart Racer by Starla Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heart Racer is an inspiring and scorching journey that will leave you breathless and smiling so big. You will not know what hit you until the very end. These beautiful characters will burrow into your heart and make themselves cherished and irreplaceable. The force of this story will blow your very world into incredible chaos and breathtaking ruin. Nothing will stop you from feeling every single thing, and you will be so much better for the soul deep impact this story will have. Its effects will reverberate for a long time to come.

I absolutely loved Starla Harris’s first book called The Auction. It was sweet, provocative, and oh so perfect. It hit me so hard whenever I realized that The Auction and Heart Racer are about accepting the surprises that life brings our way and not letting fear stop us from something that we need, desire, and dare I say deserve. Throughout Heart Racer we see that a wild and reckless choice can turn out to be something that pushes us a little more to become who we meant to be. Even our mistakes in life help to propel us toward and mold us into the person that we were born to become. Pleasure and pain in equal measures are essential parts to a person’s full and complete life. We can’t truly appreciate what and who we have unless we know what it feels like to lose and suffer.

Startla Harris continues to dazzle and delight with her latest wonderful book. She is developing and continuing to feel out her comfort zone, and once she does she will catch fire and blaze across the hearts of readers too numerous to count. I look forward to watching what the future holds for this amazing author!

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