Review: Hard Liquor

Hard Liquor
Hard Liquor by Blair Babylon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When you find your heart completely lost to a tumultuously stunning plot whose characters intertwine and ignite a firestorm that razes and implodes your very world, you KNOW you have found an epically talented author who owns every ounce of your reading devotion to the end of time. Hard Liquor is utter perfection with its sizzling mystery, undeniable passion, and mind-blowing twists that catapult it into the realm of fantastically, true bliss. This is romantic suspense at its absolute finest! If you are looking for a refined yet genre-blasting story that will feed your intelligence along with your heart, then you have found the object of your obsession. Blair Babylon will feed your passion and set your imagination alight with her limitless possibilities and awe-inspiring imagination.

On one side of a gaping, bottomless chasm, we have a woman who has learned to claw and sweat for every single inch of ground that she has gained to rise from the bottom of her mountain. She knows better than most the value of hard work and the wonder and satisfaction of earning each milestone that she has risen above. She is heading up the ladder of her aspirations, and nothing and no one will slow her down or stop her. On the opposite side, we have a man who lives life on the edge of society while charming everyone to stay in their good graces. His life appears to be charmed, but he is forced to even relinquish even a small amount of control to another, he is forced to see that not everyone is as simple as he once thought. Complexity is just a swirl of shadow and misdirection that swallows up the simple as seen by the mindless masses, but all it takes is one person to clear the mist that hides the very essence of a broken and lovely soul. Can love truly conquer the endless darkness between these two, or will the strict rules of life be the end of all that we have only just begun to see and understand?

If any good advice exists, it would be to allow your heart to lead. Even as contrite as that might sound, it will not allow you to disappear in the dark shadows never to be seen from again. It will dare to pull you from your bed of quicksand and put your feet on solid ground. Our fantastic characters found this out the hard way. They were forced to trust blindly in the other especially against their better judgment. The courage and strength that they possessed is a true inspiration to the chaos and anger that swirls around us every day. Staying true to yourself will be the greatest test and accomplishment that you will ever achieve in your lifetime. Don’t underestimate those around you, and don’t let them fall away into despair. Grab their hand and pull them back to reason and hope before it’s too late.

Blair Babylon is a testament to the extraordinary beauty, grace, and talent that is quickly fading around us. More than anything, we long to experience the pure and living creation that is well written and heart imbued hope in the form of words breathed into the universe that will eventually find its way in our very soul. Readers can breathe a sigh of contentment and relief to ingest and savor the incredibly soul nourishing and heart transforming words from this spectacular author. I have yet to read anything from her that doesn’t touch me deeply and sincerely every time I pick up one of her breathtaking masterpieces.

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