Review: Real Sexy

Real Sexy
Real Sexy by Meghan March
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Life is hopelessly unpredictable, unfailingly raw, and blessedly full of choices at every turn. Even when we feel trapped and have our wings clipped, there is always another day to dream, to wonder, and to keep moving forward. Sometimes those days are filled with dread of the never-ending cycle of pain and disappointment, but other time when we least expect it, we collide with our own Fate in the making. It causes a hiccup to our voice of reason that just maybe there is more. Perhaps, we are meant for a purpose beyond our overbearing life, and we struggle with the debilitating fear that comes with this revelation. Is it possible that we are worth more than we have been lead to believe, and that just maybe we can reach for the dreams that we don’t dare to even touch with our thoughts.

This magnificent story will offer you exhilarating freedom, brilliant hope, and shocking possibilities that will fly you to ends of the universe and beyond on wings of pure, unwavering love. There is nothing that this story doesn’t touch, obliterate, and conquer as you experience and savor every spectacular second of it! This is a true masterpiece at its absolute finest! If you want to lose your heart and soul to a story that will create a light in your dark or cloudy world, then look no further than the breathtaking pages of this incredible book. You will find more delicious intrigue, blazing heat, and heart-shattering hope then you will know how to handle. Do not walk away from this book as it will prove without a doubt that it is worthy of your time, your heart, and the profound affect it will have on your life.

If there is one author who is truly worth her weight in gold, precious gems, and all the treasures of this finite world, it would be Meghan March. Her huge heart and stunning soul only knows how to give. She pours everything that she is into each outstanding work of art that she creates for her beloved readers. There is never a day that goes by that she doesn’t send out a note of encouragement or love to her fans. She is unfailingly kind, unwaveringly generous, and unquestionably precious to any and every person that has ever come in contact with her. She is changing the world one person at a time. I see her blazing across the stars with her heart that burns for anyone who will take a chance and listen to the wonder and love that overflows from her very soul.

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