Review: Wicked Dance

Wicked Dance
Wicked Dance by Deanna Roy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wicked Dance is a deliciously surprising and delightfully entertaining twist of events that shows me just how much love can change us if we let it. Nothing it more terrifying then giving your heart to another person. There is no hope of anything being returned, but when we are lucky enough to have your love returned, it sets your world on fire. Together you can conquer anything. Nothing can tear you apart, and anyone who tries will be sorely disappointed. What an stunning high!

We find ourselves falling even farther down the rabbit hole of their wonderfully forbidden relationship to find that LA isn’t quite done with Blitz. Just when these two were beginning to enjoy some peace and getting to really know each other, they are swallowed back up into the glitz and glam that they thought was far behind them. Never get to comfortable with change because I have found that nothing beyond our love is guaranteed. Everything is up for grabs especially when you have those who salivate and long for the spotlight. Not knowing how things will change for them, Blitz and Livia are preparing for the worst while holding each other close. Can Blitz stay true to his heart as he climbs back into his old life, or will he show everyone that he is a completely different person since meeting Livia? Will Livia running screaming from the fierce competition and evil backstabbing, or will she find some inner strength that she never knew she had?

If I thought I loved Blitz before, then I can say with certainty that he is surprisingly unbelievable! How he handles all of the hurdles and struggles along the way shocked me to no end. There was no middle ground for him, and I can’t tell you how much I LOVED seeing that in a hero. It melted my heart so often. On the other hand, I was amazed at how Livia rose to the challenges put before her. She answered with more grace and poise then I would have anticipated, and she made my heart soar so high that it hurt. Their love is one that could move mountains if given the chance!

Lovers Dance is a beautifully chaotic and endearingly soulful series that has stolen my heart and makes me long to be able to find a wonderful release in the art of dancing. Since balance and grace are not anywhere close to my strengths, I can at least delve into the hypnotically comforting words of Deanna Roy. She has a remarkable talent of creating stories that melt even the coldest of hearts, transforming the roughest part of our soul into something exquisite and worthy of showing others, and endearing her breathtaking soul to those who step into her world of enchanting reality and raw fantasy. I seriously believe that she can do anything when she puts her whole heart into it. She is spectacularly incredible!

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