Review: Closer

Closer by Aria Hawthorne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“a breathtakingly unconventional and heart-stopping”

What did you love best about Closer?
Closer is a breathtakingly unconventional and heart-stoppingly sensational journey of the constant struggle between pride and trust. No struggle is more vicious and yet no reward greater then when you can rest one aside for the sake of the other. Only truth and love can crush through the insurmountable steel walls of pride in order to envelop and permeate a person with the pleasure and joy of truly trusting another person. The most terrifying and yet the most satisfying gift that you can give another person is one that must be earned with blood, sweat, and tears. It’s not easy and yet it will change your life without question. It is worthy of giving if the other is one who treasures and honors it in every possible way.

Also, I loved the narrator and her ability to brings these wonderfully complex characters to life. She had a wonderfully entertaining knack for performing each of them with heart and depth that made me want to know all I could about each one.

What did you like best about this story?
The characters that you meet along this wonderfully heart wrenching journey are some of the most complex and yet incredible examples of a wonderfully talented and beautifully loving author. The exquisite care of the creation and transformation that happens before your eyes will take your breath away, and have you longing for so much more of their story. Nothing is truly impossible if we have a heart that listens and guides us throughout the dark corners and grey stormy days of life. While no life is perfect. We can choose to love perfectly, build carefully, and restore at every turn.

What does Emma White bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?
Emma White is a very versatile narrator that brought a very special quality to this reading. She made each character so very special and unique. I never wanted to stop listening to her performance. Her special skills brought a wonderful life and light to this brilliant storyline.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?
Aria Hawthorne weaves a stunning story of courage, determination, and heart that will overtake all of your senses. You will lose yourself to the incredible depth and breathe of this fabulous world whose characters will steal your heart and wisk you off your feet. Don’t be afraid to feel and to imagine the things you want to claim, achieve, and unravel. Sometimes our very hopes and dreams can take form before our very eyes if we take the chance to do what we never would have normally dared to do. Never stop dreaming, never stop loving, and never stop hoping.

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