Review: The Terms: Part One

The Terms: Part One
The Terms: Part One by Ruby Rowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story completely and utterly blew my mind in the best way possible! I wasn’t ready for the impressive storyline that kept me riveted to my kindle as I cautiously peeked around every corner wondering what would happen. My heart wasn’t ready for the incredible characters to claim ownership in a most unconventional yet powerful way. My world is in absolutely disarray and misery while I anxiously wait on pins on and needles for the other half of this marvelously heart-pounding story!

I love that the plot never falters or slows down the entire time that these characters slowly reveal their secrets and their heart to each other. A countdown is ticking off in the back of my head as mysteries clouded in the fog of hatred and intrigue clear to show the truth for the raw or exquisite treasure it is. Nothing thrills me more than to find a rare gift just as this one that pulls my heart along as it hurts and yet rejoices for each battle waged and conquered.

When you have stunning characters such as the ones in this book, you know that you have found a paradise on Earth. When their depth and complexities wash over you, they will steal your breath away as they did to me. You will long for them to heal, find happiness, and finally completion. Although none of that is in our control, the journey there is one racked with hardship and many lessons learned. Just hold your breath, dive into the swirling whirlpool that is The Terms, and allow it to fascinate and delight every step of the way.

Ruby Rowe is a new author to me, and I was pleasantly amazed and continuously fascinated by how she wove such a wonderfully brilliant story that will lure you in without even realizing its happening. It’s core is immensely powerful but deceptively simple. It will trap your mind as it shocks and thrills in its multiple layers of danger, mystery, and intrigue. Don’t lost focus as it just might steal you away from your own world without asking for your permission.

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