Review: A Heart Lost and Found

A Heart Lost and Found
A Heart Lost and Found by Victoria Mayfair
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Heart Lost and Found is a brilliantly compelling and wildly stunning journey that will engage all of your senses while tugging relentlessly at your heart. This is story that you can’t escape from and one that will awaken every part of your mind as you delve into this fascinating world full of delightfully amazing characters and a truly fascinating storyline. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute in this wonderfully entertaining world.

I couldn’t get enough of the beautifully complex characters who struggled with much more than a simple case of recovering a missing item. I feel in love with their old world charm and mystery. They welcomed me into a world that felt much more sincere and full of a deeper meaning to life that has been sadly lost ever since.

What a superbly entertaining adventure that stands out as breathtaking and brilliant in every way! I devoured every word and allowed each one to caress my cracked and longing heart. This was a fun introduction that is sure to delight and entertain readers as they dive deeper into this enchanting series.

I highly recommend giving this author a fair chance at touching and challenging your mind and heart in every way possible. She will prove to you that her literary skills will leave you in wonder and longing for so much more.

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