Review: Playing with Trouble

Playing with Trouble
Playing with Trouble by Chanel Cleeton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a beautifully haunting and sincerely heart-melting journey! There were so many unexpected twists and turns through this marvelous story that I found myself dizzy with anticipation. Nothing was ever as simple as it seemed, and yet the one constant that rang true was that love and hope can conquer all if you allow it. So often we let our fears and worries consume, shape, and control us to the point where we no longer recognize ourselves in the mirror. We allow others to plan out of life, guide our thoughts, and forge our destiny when we should be taking the reins and discovering who we really are each step of the way. If nothing else, can we at least agree to evaluate our lives from time to time and determine if we are where we want to be, who we want to be, and with whom we long to be.

The characters that you meet throughout this wonderful story are simply phenomenal! They will crawl under your skin and consume you before you can blink an eye. It’s amazing just how real and honest they feel, and how I feel completely in love with them. I walked their path with them and felt every emotion and longing and fear. There was no joy or pain that didn’t touch my heart in some measure of intensity. I simply loved the slow burn and sizzle that crackled and built throughout this amazing story. It was simply perfection!

This is the first book that I had read by Chanel Cleeton, and I was completely and utterly blown away by her simple mastery of touching the deepest part of my heart while engaging all of my mind throughout this spectacular journey. I look forward to reading more from her and delving even deeper into this fantastic world! She is a new voice that has captivated and compelled me to follow her lead as she weaves stories of intrigue and romance.

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