Review: Going Gets Hot

Going Gets Hot
Going Gets Hot by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Going Gets Hot is a stunningly sweet and achingly raw journey of learning that there is more to the people around us then we may ever know. Life may only give us the opportunity to know one side of a person whenever there is so much more complexity to them then we can even dare to imagine. Only fate can twine people together and give them the chance to see the other is made of. Sometimes those revelations comes out among hot and steamy encounters and other times they can be painful and surprising. No matter what, they show the pure and real parts of the whole person that stands before us. We have to choose to open our eyes and accept every part no matter how beautiful or scarred.

When you live life with blinders on while only focusing on one goal, you discover that you miss a lot of things throughout the years. Personal interpretation is marred by shadows and half-truths while everything passes you by. When the self-imposed masked we have worn is thrown off once the life-consuming goal has been accomplished, the blinding light and noise of everything falls quickly and intensely up on you head and heart. Sorting through all of the new, confusing things becomes a secondary purpose as your guiding rule is to continue on with your recently gained.

accomplishment. Will the overwhelming pressures and truths pull you deeper into a world you know nothing about, or will you find yourself fleeing when the world seems to be set against you?
I was totally enchanted and delighted as I got to know Chad and Amber throughout this story. They felt like they could have been people I knew. I walked through life mostly with my head down as well. My goals were already in place, and all I had to do was stay focused. I found the results to be empty and lacking at the end. There was no substance or feeling of huge accomplishment. There was only ink and a vague future. Watching so much more unfold for and between Chad and Amber gave me hope that they could turn things around and open up to each other. They had a chance to discover the diamond in the rough before it was too late.

Rachelle Ayala has given us yet another beautiful story from this enchanting town that never fails to sweep you off your feet. There is always friends or family that help to open the eyes of the confused and plainly explain that you should never fear the possibilities of the heart and love. She shows that life is only made sweeter and new fulfilling if we allow hope to take charge of our future instead of fear. She is a fabulous author who only gets better and more accomplished with time. I can’t wait to see what absolute treasure she creates next!

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