Review: Lie with Me

Lie with Me
Lie with Me by M. Never
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lie With Me is a unexpected treasure that flipped my world upside down when I needed it the most. There is nothing like a phenomenal storyline that can take you by the throat and show you exactly what you have been missing. While deceptively simple, this book will show you layers upon layers of lies, self-deceit, and just how it affects you and those around you. Nothing good will ever come along until you can stand up and face the truth of the matter head on. No other truer words were uttered then “the truth will set you free”. Only with a heart free of lies and deception can you allow hope and love to filter in and transform the darkest parts of your soul into something more beautiful than words could ever describe.

This wonderful story will enchant and seduce you with its amazing characters. You will never see them coming, and they will rock and tilt your world until you no longer recognize it. I was thrilled and astonished by how absolutely incredible each and every character was that I faced along the way. While some were catalyst to a beautiful change and others were dedicated bedrocks and foundations of love, each placed a critical role in this truly unforgettable journey! I can’t express in adequate words just how much I loved, savored, and appreciate every part of this book!!

M. Never has proven her exquisite prowess as a literary powerhouse with this book and as well all of her others. Each stands out in a wholly unique and influential way that will touch the lives of everyone who experiences them. There is nothing like a brilliant author who knows just how to touch your heart and make you feel every word, every emotion, and everything that comes directly from their heart.

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