Review: The Catch

The Catch
The Catch by K. Bromberg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Catch is a breathtakingly brilliant and surprisingly sensational conclusion to this stunning masterpiece! Just when you think you know where the story is going, it drops the floor out from under your very feet and steals the breath from your lungs as it twists and tilts the world around you to create a whole new reality colored with more surprises then you could ever imagine. This story will show you that you can take one more life-upending shock, one more haunting revelation, and one more soul crushing truth then you thought possible and still manage to walk around and survive. When you need some bone deep courage and the knowledge that the human spirit can survive past deep pain, crushing lies, and twisted surprises from fate, all you have to do is pull this story from your shelf. Let its words caress your ragged soul, and breathe deep of its wondrous wisdom as it soothes your weary heart and infuses it with a spectacularly unexplainable and unconditional love.

My heart has been utterly and irrevocably shattered, healed, and then transformed by Scout and Easton. Every step of the way, they have shocked, melted, and awakened every one of my senses. I walked next to them confidently, hesitantly, and brokenly as I watched their incredible journey slowly unfold. They left no area untouched, and everywhere they left their fingerprints I am in awe. This is truly a power couple who understands the power, the meaning, and the purpose of learning how to love another and loving them well. Not much can top this magnificent love story that braves every part of life to come out triumphant, remembered, and cherished.

K. Bromberg has literally slayed me into a smiling mess of happiness and contentment. She is a master who understands that love shines the brightest only after being tested in the most grueling way that only life can bring. That love then becomes a beacon of what every other love aspires to become. This is the wildfire that we desperately need if we ever hope to warm up our cold, frigid, and hard world. Only then can change truly be possible. For once you change the heart, you change the world.

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