Review: Freddie Entangled

Freddie Entangled
Freddie Entangled by Kiru Taye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Freddie Entangled is heartbreaking, passionate, and refreshing in its beautiful delivery of a wonderfully unique and deeply touching story of learning how to rise from the ashes of life. This story took me completely by surprise, and I loved every wondrous second of it! Nothing feels quite as good as a well-written and brilliantly executed storyline that tilts your world on its axis and never lets you recover from it. This story gave me that and so much more.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The characters were utterly fascinating, and I enjoyed getting to know each one of them. They challenged me every step of this journey, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. The plot was wonderfully enjoyable and pushed my limits in some areas, but when surrounded by the circumstances of this story, I can easily go with the flow. Above all else, I loved being able to cheer and root for Kike and Freddie. They are such incredibly complex yet stunningly simple characters who just long to savor and cherish the most important things in life. They both crave things just out of reach, and yet they are both fiercely determined to have the chance to embrace them.

Kiru Taye has stolen my heart with this incredible story! She has taken me on a wild, emotional rollercoaster that made me more addicted to it the longer I rode it. I am in awe of her heart and this fabulous story! I want so much more now, and I am so looking forward to the second half of this amazing journey of love and hope wrapped up in an unconventional yet thrilling plot that has engaged and awakened every part of me.

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