Review: Closer

Closer by Aria Hawthorne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“a breathtakingly unconventional and heart-stopping”

What did you love best about Closer?
Closer is a breathtakingly unconventional and heart-stoppingly sensational journey of the constant struggle between pride and trust. No struggle is more vicious and yet no reward greater then when you can rest one aside for the sake of the other. Only truth and love can crush through the insurmountable steel walls of pride in order to envelop and permeate a person with the pleasure and joy of truly trusting another person. The most terrifying and yet the most satisfying gift that you can give another person is one that must be earned with blood, sweat, and tears. It’s not easy and yet it will change your life without question. It is worthy of giving if the other is one who treasures and honors it in every possible way.

Also, I loved the narrator and her ability to brings these wonderfully complex characters to life. She had a wonderfully entertaining knack for performing each of them with heart and depth that made me want to know all I could about each one.

What did you like best about this story?
The characters that you meet along this wonderfully heart wrenching journey are some of the most complex and yet incredible examples of a wonderfully talented and beautifully loving author. The exquisite care of the creation and transformation that happens before your eyes will take your breath away, and have you longing for so much more of their story. Nothing is truly impossible if we have a heart that listens and guides us throughout the dark corners and grey stormy days of life. While no life is perfect. We can choose to love perfectly, build carefully, and restore at every turn.

What does Emma White bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?
Emma White is a very versatile narrator that brought a very special quality to this reading. She made each character so very special and unique. I never wanted to stop listening to her performance. Her special skills brought a wonderful life and light to this brilliant storyline.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?
Aria Hawthorne weaves a stunning story of courage, determination, and heart that will overtake all of your senses. You will lose yourself to the incredible depth and breathe of this fabulous world whose characters will steal your heart and wisk you off your feet. Don’t be afraid to feel and to imagine the things you want to claim, achieve, and unravel. Sometimes our very hopes and dreams can take form before our very eyes if we take the chance to do what we never would have normally dared to do. Never stop dreaming, never stop loving, and never stop hoping.

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Surprise Reveal: GIDEON’S PROMISE

gideon’s promise cover reveal



Title: Gideon’s Promise
Series: Sons Of Judgment, #2
Author: Airicka Phoenix
Genre: Urban Paranormal
Release Date: NOW AVAILABLE!

His love will become her curse.

For centuries, Gideon has kept his secret, knowing that it could mean the life of the woman whose very heartbeat was his reason for living. But when Veil Creatures are slaughtered in their homes by those sworn to protect them, it may be up to him to save those he loves from a fate worse than death. What he doesn’t expect is the betrayal and a choice that could leave his family devastated.

Valkyrie Devereaux believes only in the power of justice, loyalty and obeying the laws of her people. Love was something to be feared and she had been taught long ago that anything that could make you weak, needed to be eliminated. But when she is assigned to join the Casters of the north in hunting the creatures slaughtering the innocent, even she can’t help the twang of longing for something that goes against everything she was raised to believe was wrong.

Fire and gasoline, passions collide. Heat erupts as they fight against their desires and their very nature. But a fire like theirs can never be smothered. It can never be stopped. It can only burn to unimaginable heights, but what happens when it careens out of control and destroys everything around them? And who is waiting for that exact moment to destroy the brothers?

She will become his death.






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Airicka Phoenix is a multi-genre author of over twenty-five bestselling novels starring strong female leads and sexy alpha heroes. She started her journey after never finding the type of books she wanted to read. Her love of tortured souls and forbidden romance carried her into writing her own hard-earned happiness. Currently, she lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her babies and can be found hard at work on her next project.
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Review: Wicked Dance

Wicked Dance
Wicked Dance by Deanna Roy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wicked Dance is a deliciously surprising and delightfully entertaining twist of events that shows me just how much love can change us if we let it. Nothing it more terrifying then giving your heart to another person. There is no hope of anything being returned, but when we are lucky enough to have your love returned, it sets your world on fire. Together you can conquer anything. Nothing can tear you apart, and anyone who tries will be sorely disappointed. What an stunning high!

We find ourselves falling even farther down the rabbit hole of their wonderfully forbidden relationship to find that LA isn’t quite done with Blitz. Just when these two were beginning to enjoy some peace and getting to really know each other, they are swallowed back up into the glitz and glam that they thought was far behind them. Never get to comfortable with change because I have found that nothing beyond our love is guaranteed. Everything is up for grabs especially when you have those who salivate and long for the spotlight. Not knowing how things will change for them, Blitz and Livia are preparing for the worst while holding each other close. Can Blitz stay true to his heart as he climbs back into his old life, or will he show everyone that he is a completely different person since meeting Livia? Will Livia running screaming from the fierce competition and evil backstabbing, or will she find some inner strength that she never knew she had?

If I thought I loved Blitz before, then I can say with certainty that he is surprisingly unbelievable! How he handles all of the hurdles and struggles along the way shocked me to no end. There was no middle ground for him, and I can’t tell you how much I LOVED seeing that in a hero. It melted my heart so often. On the other hand, I was amazed at how Livia rose to the challenges put before her. She answered with more grace and poise then I would have anticipated, and she made my heart soar so high that it hurt. Their love is one that could move mountains if given the chance!

Lovers Dance is a beautifully chaotic and endearingly soulful series that has stolen my heart and makes me long to be able to find a wonderful release in the art of dancing. Since balance and grace are not anywhere close to my strengths, I can at least delve into the hypnotically comforting words of Deanna Roy. She has a remarkable talent of creating stories that melt even the coldest of hearts, transforming the roughest part of our soul into something exquisite and worthy of showing others, and endearing her breathtaking soul to those who step into her world of enchanting reality and raw fantasy. I seriously believe that she can do anything when she puts her whole heart into it. She is spectacularly incredible!

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Review: Real Sexy

Real Sexy
Real Sexy by Meghan March
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Life is hopelessly unpredictable, unfailingly raw, and blessedly full of choices at every turn. Even when we feel trapped and have our wings clipped, there is always another day to dream, to wonder, and to keep moving forward. Sometimes those days are filled with dread of the never-ending cycle of pain and disappointment, but other time when we least expect it, we collide with our own Fate in the making. It causes a hiccup to our voice of reason that just maybe there is more. Perhaps, we are meant for a purpose beyond our overbearing life, and we struggle with the debilitating fear that comes with this revelation. Is it possible that we are worth more than we have been lead to believe, and that just maybe we can reach for the dreams that we don’t dare to even touch with our thoughts.

This magnificent story will offer you exhilarating freedom, brilliant hope, and shocking possibilities that will fly you to ends of the universe and beyond on wings of pure, unwavering love. There is nothing that this story doesn’t touch, obliterate, and conquer as you experience and savor every spectacular second of it! This is a true masterpiece at its absolute finest! If you want to lose your heart and soul to a story that will create a light in your dark or cloudy world, then look no further than the breathtaking pages of this incredible book. You will find more delicious intrigue, blazing heat, and heart-shattering hope then you will know how to handle. Do not walk away from this book as it will prove without a doubt that it is worthy of your time, your heart, and the profound affect it will have on your life.

If there is one author who is truly worth her weight in gold, precious gems, and all the treasures of this finite world, it would be Meghan March. Her huge heart and stunning soul only knows how to give. She pours everything that she is into each outstanding work of art that she creates for her beloved readers. There is never a day that goes by that she doesn’t send out a note of encouragement or love to her fans. She is unfailingly kind, unwaveringly generous, and unquestionably precious to any and every person that has ever come in contact with her. She is changing the world one person at a time. I see her blazing across the stars with her heart that burns for anyone who will take a chance and listen to the wonder and love that overflows from her very soul.

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Blurb Reveal: THE LAST GUY by Ilsa Madden-Mills & Tia Louise


The Last Guy, an all-new steamy standalone from Ilsa Madden-Mills and Tia Louise is coming June 12th!


By Ilsa Madden-Mills and Tia Louise

Publication Date: June 12th

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy

The first rule of office romance is don’t do it—especially if your dream is to hold the anchor spot on the nightly news and your boss is trying to get you fired.

But one look at Cade Hill, the sexy new sports director, and uptight reporter Rebecca Fieldstone is daydreaming about other things.

Sex in his office…

Sex in the on-set kitchen…

Sex in the supply closet…

She can’t stop thinking about the former NFL quarterback and how perfect he’d look between her sheets—except he’s an arrogant jerk with a huge… Ego.

He’s the last guy she’d ever have a one-night stand with.

Cade Hill draws a thick professional line on office romance—until it comes to the hyper-focused Rebecca. He wants her, and he gets his wish when a chance encounter has them having the hottest sex of their lives.

It’s just a hook-up, she says.

When can we do it again? he says.

With Rebecca determined to keep Cade in the friend zone, it’s going to be an uphill battle for Cade to convince her that he’s the last guy for her…

TLG square

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About Tia:

“Queen of Hot Romance”; Award-winning, International Bestselling author of the ONE TO HOLD series.

Her debut adult romance ONE TO HOLD was a 2014 “Lady Boner” award-winner, #1 in Military Romance, and a Top 20 Contemporary Romance novel for several months. ONE TO KEEP, #2 in the series of stand-alone novels, followed the same course, with the remaining performing equally well.

From being a “Readers’ Choice” nominee two years running, to picking up USA Today “Happily Ever After” nods, nothing makes her happier than communicating with fans and weaving new tales into the Alexander-Knight world of stories.

A former journalist, Louise lives in the center of the U.S.A. with her lovely family and one grumpy cat. There, she dreams up stories she hopes are engaging, hot, and sexy, and that cause readers rethink common public locations…

It’s possible she has a slight truffle addiction.


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Twitter: @AuthorTLouise

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About Ilsa:

New York Times and USA Today best selling author Ilsa Madden-Mills writes about strong heroines and sexy alpha males that sometimes you just want to slap.

She’s addicted to dystopian books and all things fantasy, including unicorns and sword-wielding females. Other fascinations include frothy coffee beverages, dark chocolate, Instagram, Ian Somerhalder (seriously hot), astronomy (she’s a Gemini), and tattoos.

She has a degree in English and a Master’s in Education.

When she’s not pecking away on her computer, she shops for cool magnets and paints old furniture.


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Review: Hard Liquor

Hard Liquor
Hard Liquor by Blair Babylon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When you find your heart completely lost to a tumultuously stunning plot whose characters intertwine and ignite a firestorm that razes and implodes your very world, you KNOW you have found an epically talented author who owns every ounce of your reading devotion to the end of time. Hard Liquor is utter perfection with its sizzling mystery, undeniable passion, and mind-blowing twists that catapult it into the realm of fantastically, true bliss. This is romantic suspense at its absolute finest! If you are looking for a refined yet genre-blasting story that will feed your intelligence along with your heart, then you have found the object of your obsession. Blair Babylon will feed your passion and set your imagination alight with her limitless possibilities and awe-inspiring imagination.

On one side of a gaping, bottomless chasm, we have a woman who has learned to claw and sweat for every single inch of ground that she has gained to rise from the bottom of her mountain. She knows better than most the value of hard work and the wonder and satisfaction of earning each milestone that she has risen above. She is heading up the ladder of her aspirations, and nothing and no one will slow her down or stop her. On the opposite side, we have a man who lives life on the edge of society while charming everyone to stay in their good graces. His life appears to be charmed, but he is forced to even relinquish even a small amount of control to another, he is forced to see that not everyone is as simple as he once thought. Complexity is just a swirl of shadow and misdirection that swallows up the simple as seen by the mindless masses, but all it takes is one person to clear the mist that hides the very essence of a broken and lovely soul. Can love truly conquer the endless darkness between these two, or will the strict rules of life be the end of all that we have only just begun to see and understand?

If any good advice exists, it would be to allow your heart to lead. Even as contrite as that might sound, it will not allow you to disappear in the dark shadows never to be seen from again. It will dare to pull you from your bed of quicksand and put your feet on solid ground. Our fantastic characters found this out the hard way. They were forced to trust blindly in the other especially against their better judgment. The courage and strength that they possessed is a true inspiration to the chaos and anger that swirls around us every day. Staying true to yourself will be the greatest test and accomplishment that you will ever achieve in your lifetime. Don’t underestimate those around you, and don’t let them fall away into despair. Grab their hand and pull them back to reason and hope before it’s too late.

Blair Babylon is a testament to the extraordinary beauty, grace, and talent that is quickly fading around us. More than anything, we long to experience the pure and living creation that is well written and heart imbued hope in the form of words breathed into the universe that will eventually find its way in our very soul. Readers can breathe a sigh of contentment and relief to ingest and savor the incredibly soul nourishing and heart transforming words from this spectacular author. I have yet to read anything from her that doesn’t touch me deeply and sincerely every time I pick up one of her breathtaking masterpieces.

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Review: Baby Fever Secrets: A Billionaire Romance

Baby Fever Secrets: A Billionaire Romance
Baby Fever Secrets: A Billionaire Romance by Nicole Snow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Baby Fever Secrets is absolute perfection wrapped in blissful surprise and topped with white hot passion. This is story worthy of your undivided attention and your whole heart. I don’t know if there is anything better than a story that wields such unrepentant power, masterful grace, and intense passion that overtakes, shatters, and transforms your heart and mind without your consent or knowledge. You will find yourself pleasantly consumed and plunged deeply into a journey that will twist your gut and scorch your heart while it leaves your mind wonderfully engaged. This is an epic end to an insanely fantastic series! You will never forget this story. Ever!

What would you do if your life was laid out in iron clasps before you? Every moment planned out, every milestone already claimed, and every choice taken away? Utter madness and painful resignation rule your days while you desperately try to enjoy and cherish every free moment until it all runs out. On the flipside, what would you do if all control was held within your own hands making yourself the master of your life and destiny? When these two starkly opposite worlds collide, a massive life shattering and world upending event intertwines and bonds two lives into something altogether new and spectacular. Nothing will ever be the same again, and life as they know it will transform into something worth more than all the money, power, and fame in the world.

I was utterly and completely blown away by these marvelous characters that showed me just how epic how fantastic and how special true and enduring love can be. They showed me how love and the right person can upend your world and yet set it on the path it was already meant to travel. Wholly complete and entirely satisfied is how I was left feeling when the last words passed through my heart. This story is an incredible journey that rocked my world and shredded and encouraged my heart to the point where I no longer recognized it. You don’t get much better than this!

Nicole Snow never ever ceases to bring me to my knees with her incomprehensible passion and brilliant mind. There is nothing better than an author that knows how to pull every deep and dark emotion from the depths of your soul and shows you that hope is possible even in deepest darkness of life. Surprise and intrigue are her closest conspirators as she wields her unearthly power to encourage and delight her devoted fans to look for more, hope for everything, and cherish the blessings that life sends our way. She is and will always be one of my all-time favorite authors!

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